Do I Want To Keep Blogging On Wide-Eyed Wanderer?

Do I want to keep blogging? An honest essay on where I stand on blogging after nearly 3 years.

So things have gotten a bit quiet around here lately. At least more than I’d have liked for it to be.

I aim to get a post out once every week but honestly, it’s a success if I manage to publish a post once every 2-3 weeks.

I usually don’t like to talk about blogging on this blog, because I’m worried that it wouldn’t be interesting to you.

This is a travel blog, so for those of you that come by this little corner of the Internet to read my content, it’s because you love travel and are interested in reading about travel.

But, as a blogger, I also want to be honest about what I’m feeling in relation to this blog and to blogging in general. Open and honest communication is the way to go and I want to keep you in the loop… so hopefully you won’t mind if I take a post to communicate where I’m at with blogging and you know… vent a little.

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I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years now.

I look back over these 3 years and I’m in awe by the growth and blessings that have come out from this experience.

In my very first post, I talked about why I wanted to start a blog.

It came from an extremely strong urge that seemingly came out of nowhere and it was an urge that most definitely didn’t make sense to me at the time. I was certain that after succumbing to this urge to create a blog, it would only take 3 months for me to discover that this was nothing more than a crazy impulse that I had the stupidity to act on.

But after 3 years, I can safely say that I don’t regret my decision to create this blog one bit.

I’ve met so many incredible people, had so many amazing experiences and received so many wonderful blessings because of this blog, and I can see how significant this blog has been to creating the joy and good life that I experience now.

But I would be lying if I was to say that I’m not completely confused about my journey as a blogger and about the future of this blog in general.

Wide-Eyed Wanderer Do I want to keep blogging? An honest essay on where I stand on blogging after nearly 3 years.

I’m often confused about the future of this blog, but there’s no doubt that I’ve received many blessings as a result. Without this blog, I never would have met this group of incredible women at a writing retreat in Tel Aviv.

In one month exactly, I’m starting my undergrad degree in music education. A degree that I’m very excited to begin and one that I’ve been prepping for all year.

During these next 4 years, I’ll be in school, gaining work experience and fulfilling any scholarship duties I may have.

To some of you this may not sound very exciting, but I can’t begin to describe how excited I actually am to be doing these things.

But this does create a problem – how do I fit Wide-Eyed Wanderer into my new life?

Wide-Eyed Wanderer is branded as a travel blog. That’s what I write about, that’s what I love to write about and that’s been the identity of this blog ever since its conception.

But for these next 4 years, I’ll be mostly staying put, saving my dosh for tuition fees and spending the majority of my time working on my assignments.

How am I going to create content for this blog if I don’t travel?

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I get it that if I really love travel, then I’d make it a top priority, save accordingly and find time. But honestly, while that is correct and very suitable for some – I have many passions and priorities that are quite frankly more important to me at this time and I have to be wise with the time and money I do have.

I want to save money so that I can leave home and get my own place by the end of my degree. I want to do my absolute best in my studies so that I can finish with the highest grade possible. I want to be an integral part of my community and be available to my friends and family in times of need.

I want to plant roots.

And as I have discussed in a previous post, treating travel as my only passion and interest, is both not fair to me or to travel. I have other interests that I need to attend to too.

So my dilemma is how do I find the time to write on my blog and what content would I even be able to create if I don’t travel. It currently feel quite limited.

But that’s not the only question that’s been swirling around in my head.

Wide-Eyed Wanderer Do I want to keep blogging? An honest essay on where I stand on blogging after nearly 3 years.

I’ve not done any international travel this year and instead have focused on exploring local places, like this beautiful entrance to Old City Jaffa. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to continue exploring while I’m studying.

The other question is what kind of blogger am I and what’s the ultimate purpose of Wide-Eyed Wanderer.

I have no doubt that there is a divine purpose for Wide-Eyed Wanderer. The fact that this blog came into being because of an extremely strong, persistent and ‘random’ urge that I just couldn’t ignore, is enough for me to know that this blog has purpose. Especially since, at the time, I believed I was the last person who should have a blog.

And I can’t even begin to describe the blessings that have come out as a result of this blog. Blessings that I couldn’t have received any other way.

But I still wonder what the overall purpose of this blog is, not just for me but for you guys too.

What will Wide-Eyed Wanderer become? Other than the blessings that I’ve already received from this blog, is there another purpose for this blog? One that doesn’t just serve me but also you guys too?

I still don’t have the answers to these questions and will probably only get them, once the answers are taking place in reality. Such is life, I guess.

It doesn’t help that when I look to other travel bloggers for guidance, I am only met with more confusion.

Wide-Eyed Wanderer Do I want to keep blogging? An honest essay on where I stand on blogging after nearly 3 years.

This year I went to my first travel blogging conference. It was a great experience and gave me a lot of insight on the travel blog industry.

The general consensus to doing the travel blogging thing well, is to write 2-3 posts a week, spend loads of time building your social media profiles and become masters at SEO.

This makes a lot of sense and massive kudos to those who are doing this. That takes a big amount of dedication that I admire a lot.

But I really don’t want to do that myself.

I’m not a fan of social media – it doesn’t suit my introverted nature. I don’t want to even attempt to write 2-3 posts a week – because that’s the quickest way for me to burn out and resent blogging. And I don’t want to become a master at SEO – because honestly, I’m just not interested.

And if I don’t do these things, does that make me a bad blogger? Will I reach the heights that I’m expected to want to reach as a blogger? Do I even want to reach them? As I can tell currently – I both do and don’t which isn’t really helpful.

Wide-Eyed Wanderer Andalusia, Spain inner sun yoga retreat press\portfolio

What I really want is just to focus on having great travel experiences and write about them – like going on a yoga retreat in Andalusia, Spain where I got to watch this sunrise.

The only thing I know for certain is that I do love blogging.

Wide-Eyed Wanderer has been the biggest and best surprise of my life and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else in the world. It gives me so much love, joy and fulfillment that I never would have expected and definitely don’t take for granted.

Which is why it bothers me a lot that I don’t know where this is going or how to continue forward. I care about it.

So… will I keep blogging on Wide-Eyed Wanderer?

Well since I care about this blog, the only thing to do is to just keep moving forward even if I don’t know where I’m going. Even if it takes a while for the next step to be revealed to me.

I suppose I don’t really need to know where I’m going in order to get there.

It’s like that quote from Martin Luther King Jr. …

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase”.

Maybe I just need to continue having faith and walk forward with that.

It also might help to know that just because there’s become a predetermined path for travel bloggers to walk on, one that’s thought to be the road to ‘Blogging Success’ – that doesn’t mean that it’s the road I’m meant to walk on.

Sure, I’d like to walk that road. Because it’s thought to be the tried and true path for bloggers who want to actually make something out of their blog.

But I also don’t feel entirely comfortable on that path – I’m not a fan of the terrain and it requires me to be speedier than my natural pace.

So back on my unlit, wild, lone path I walk, hoping that eventually the sun will rise at some point.

For now, I will be continuing to blog and will walk into the future wide-eyed with curiosity. Who knows what’s in store and what I’ll discover about my path.

As long as I just keep walking, the steps will come.

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I hope it was okay that I was open about this with you guys! Have you ever started a project that you weren’t sure what will become of it? Are you a long-time blogger who has wondered whether you should keep blogging or not? Feel free to share below!

Be Brave & Be Kind,

Ella x

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  • Reply Bex Band September 22, 2017 at 21:30

    Great blog Ella!!

    I’ve recently been so busy doing events, talks and leading Expeditions that have all come as a result of my blog. Which has been great but hasn’t left me anytime to actually blog or spend any time writing. Which is what I love. It’s made me question my future and what the point of my blog is. I’ve decided I need to strip back to my roots and to find more time to write because that’s why I did it in the first place. Even if that means saying no to opportunities (which isn’t always easy!).

    I think you should write about studying and do more posts like this. It’s interesting getting a personal insight into the ‘other side’ of travel blogging xx

    • Reply Ella September 25, 2017 at 09:12

      Thanks Bex! Your words are definitely encouraging and it helps to know that I’m not the only one trying to figure this out. The opportunities you’ve had were incredible but I think you’re right – we need to focus more on just writing. I’m still unsure about how I’ll continue exactly but I don’t want to let go of this so I’ll figure something out. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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