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Stories For A Smile: March 2017

March 2017

Hello there fellow wanderers!

How have you been doing? I hope that February has treated you well and that you’re looking forward to the beginning of spring.

It will be nice to see the sun more and the flowers beginning to blossom.

Just like the month before, I’m still very busy with a lot of things to do. But I’m feeling very excited to experience and accomplish all of these things, so I definitely can’t complain.

This month I have found some stories that may help restore your faith in humanity and perhaps melt your heart in all of the best ways.

Knowing the good things that happen in our world, eases our scared hearts & worried minds and gives us confidence that it’s worth to be courageously kind.

So without further adieu, here is the March 2017 edition of Stories For A Smile!


1)  Shirt With $8000 Hidden Inside Was Returned To Woman Who Accidentally Gave It Away

Stories for a smile March 2017

In a situation where people would be expected to display greediness and immorally take advantage, this woman displays the exact opposite. Linda Hoffman, a woman from California, decided to clean out her wardrobe and give her old clothes to the local Goodwill. So she did. But what she didn’t know was that her husband, Bob, had secretly squirrelled away cash, initially so that he could surprise her with a vacation to Italy. Cash that amounted to $8000! Once Linda was told of her mistake, she immediately rushed to that Goodwill and told them what happened. The staff spent the whole day trying to find that shirt but couldn’t. The next day, it was employee Caitlin Mulvihill, who wasn’t at work the day before, who had found the missing shirt.  Knowing that this shirt consisted of nearly $10,000, rather than keeping it and pretending that she hadn’t found it, she notified her manager and made sure that Linda received her money back. It’s reassuring to know that there are honest people in the world who you can trust.

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2) Dad Creates App To Help Daughter With Autism Communicate

This is a beautiful story that shows how when you go about helping someone you love, you end up helping a whole community. Rob Laffan is the loving father of a beautiful young girl by the name of Sadie. Sadie happens to have nonverbal autism, which means that communicating with her and understanding what wants & needs, is extremely challenging. In an effort to help his daughter express what it is she wants or needs, Rob decided to get inventive. He created an app called TippyTalk. It uses an advanced version of picture communication, where people with nonverbal autism can select from dozens of pictures that correlate to their wants, needs, moods & questions. They select their images, who they’re trying to communicate with and then the selected images gets translated into verbal statements, which are sent to the recipient via text. What’s even more awesome is that the images are customisable, so parents & guardians can capture pictures of objects & people, that are already familiar to their loved one. This app opens up the world of communication for those with a verbal disability, making independent communication much easier who are nonverbal.

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3) Firefighter Adopts The Baby He Delivered While On-Call

Sometimes just an ordinary day, can be the day when you change someone’s whole life. Marc Hadden, a firefighter from South Carolina, was working when he was called to assist a woman experiencing severe abdominal pain. It turns out that she was in labour and despite Marc and his team already getting her on oxygen, there was no time for them to go to the hospital. So Marc delivers the baby right then and there. Now what makes this story amazing, is that he found out that the woman was planning on giving her up for adoption. So Marc, who him and his wife had always wanted to adopt, decided to adopt the baby as their own. When asked about their new daughter, Gracie, some time later, Marc replied, “She’s a part of our family and that is absolutely the way it is”. Talk about life changing moments of synchronicity!

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4) ‘Sleepbus’ Provides The Homeless & Their Pets A Safe Place To Sleep

Stories for a smile March 2017

Sometimes going through hardships can inspire you to help others with their hardships. A couple of decades ago, Aussie Simon Rowe was living in the streets. When he was walking down a street in Melbourne, he saw a homeless man sleeping which brought back painful memories. Deciding that it was time to help, he raised over $100,000 via a crowdfunding campaign in order to create “Sleepbus”. Sleepbus is a converted bus that was created to offer the homeless (and their pets) a good night’s sleep. The bus has 22 small compartments equipped with mattresses, sheets & blankets that are all washed daily, as well as USB ports for charging cell phones, individual climate controls and tv screens that run adverts of available services for the homeless. Simon hopes to have 300 buses operating around Australia within 6 years and when commenting on why he created Sleepbus, he said,”I want to help people get off the streets now. Even if it’s only overnight.” It’s touching to hear of someone doing whatever he can to help with an issue he’s very familiar with.

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And there you have it!

My March 2017 edition of Stories For A Smile!

Our world is very complex and it can be a very disheartening, discouraging and depressing place to live.

But as these stories hopefully show, good people are everywhere trying to help the world (or even just one person) in any way they can.

We mustn’t forget that.

What are some stories that have made you smile this month? Please share with us in the comments below!

Be Brave & Be Kind,

Ella x

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