Stories For A Smile

Stories For A Smile

The news, whether we like it or not, has a massive impact on us and on our lives. It affects how we view the world, how we view ourselves as a species and what kind of decisions we make through the course of our lives. It’s uncertain to me what “NEWS” actually stands for, but sometimes it feels like it should stand for “Never Ending Woeful Stories” because of the sheer amount of distressing negativity that can be found in our papers and on our screens.

Knowing that these kind of things actually happen in the world often causes us to lose faith in the world and in other people. It’s extremely worrying and depressing.

But please don’t throw your faith into the bin just yet.

Because although there’s unfortunately a ton of negativity that happens in our world, and we do need to be aware of it so that we can be a part of the solution… there is still a lot of positivity that happens in the world too.

The news and media only reports the extreme and negative stories. Sometimes it’s just to scaremonger us but sometimes they are sharing actual events of legitimate concern, which there also has been a lot of.

But that doesn’t mean that there are no inspiring stories of kindness, progress and miracles in the world.

The kind of stories that might restore your faith in the world enough, so that you have the motivation to help find solutions for its most pressing issues.

stories for a smile

The world can make us want to shut it out like the girl in this picture. But if we did, we’d missing all of the beauty that there is here.

That’s why I decided to create this email series called “Stories For A Smile”.

These emails are a bi-weekly roundup of the positive news & media that I have come across and that I believe will help put a smile on your face.

They range from inspiring stories of people who have overcome adversity to achieve great things, to heartwarming stories of great kindness between differing people and species, to reports of great progress being made in critical fields of great significance.

I might even throw in a positive quote or a chuckle-inducing comic strip.

Anything that I think will lift our heads up and that will remind us that it’s worth fighting the negativity with our positivity.

stories for a smile

There’s always a sun that gives us light. Even if we have to clear away the clouds to feel it’s warmth.

It can be really hard to see the world as a positive place because of all of the crap that happens here.

A lot of extremely important changes need to be made, a lot of minds need to be educated and opened and a lot of healing needs to be done.

Everyone, at some point or another for whatever reason, has suffered from injustice and from tremendous amounts of pain that has been inflicted on them. It will take a lot of work and effort to heal those wounds and to break these cycles,  both on a collective level and also on an individual level. But to do so will mean that less people will get hurt and less lives will be lost.

It’s daunting, terrifying and it’s easy to believe that it’s impossible.

But it isn’t impossible and it is extremely worth our effort.

And it’s with these stories that I hope to remind you that there still is a lot of compassion, kindness and humanity in this world.

The compassion, kindness and humanity that’s worth fighting for, and worth fighting with.

My dear hunnies and fellow wanderers, please don’t forget to…

Be Brave & Be Kind,

Ella x