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I Received a Liebster Award!

So, recently I got nominated by my friend and blogger Svet Dimitrov for the Liebster Award. My first award of any kind for this blog which is really exciting.

But what is the Liebster Award, you ask?

Well, it’s an internet award that’s given to bloggers by other bloggers, as a sign of recognition for the awesome work that they’ve put into their blog.

But what’s really cool about it, is that every blogger that receives this award pays it forward and gives it to another blogger, along with 11 questions that the blogger has to answer. After answering the 11 questions that you’ve received, of course.

And so, now that I’ve been nominated, I’m going to answer the awesome questions that Svet asked me, before passing the torch to the next bloggers and giving them their questions. And lucky for me, I’ve been given some mega awesome questions to answer.

So, here we go…
Liebster Award


Svet’s Liebster Award Questions

1.  How would you define yourself in one sentence?

As someone who has the best of intentions and is learning how to make sure that she has the best of actions.


2.  Why did you open your blog?

Throughout 2014, I became more aware of new media (blogs, YouTube etc.) and started to consume it more. Especially travel blogs. In November 2014, I went on my very first solo trip to Kenya and there I had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite travel bloggers, Helen of Helen in Wonderlust, who was also in Kenya when I was there. She gave me an opportunity to write about my experience for her blog and after that, I couldn’t get travel blogging off my mind. I never thought that blogging about travel would be something that I’d ever do. I had a different plan for my life and how I spent my time. But I couldn’t shake that surprising and nagging feeling that I wanted to blog about travel and the urge to start was so strong that I couldn’t ignore it either. Eventually, I gave in to it and I started a blog without any knowledge of how to do it. I felt like I was the last person who should be travel blogging and it was a complete shot in the dark for me, but boy am I glad that I took it! I didn’t expect the amount of joy and satisfaction it was going to give me.
Liebster Award


3.  Do you believe there is something like “a soulmate”?

Yes, I do. But my definition of “a soulmate” it a lot different than the widespread definition.

The widespread definition of “a soulmate”, is a person who is ‘the one’ for you in a romantic sense. One person that is your perfect romantic partner and that you’re destined to be with for the rest of your life. And when you meet, there will be a ‘happy ever after’.

My definition is that “a soulmate” is a person who you have an indescribable bond with, that goes beyond the amount of time you’ve physically known each other. To the point where it feels like you must have known each other in a past life (if you believe in that), because your strong bond and sense of familiarity with each other just doesn’t make sense otherwise. Those people who when you meet them, you instantly feel at home with them and feel like you already know them from somewhere, even if it’s literally the first time you’re meeting. These people can be long-term romantic partners, but also short-term romantic partners, long-term platonic friends, short-term platonic friends etc.


4.  Do you like cooking and what is your favourite dish (or your favourite food you have tried abroad)?

I’m trying to get into cooking. I’ve recently made some improvements in that department (I used to be basically allergic to the kitchen and would behave like a dog that refuses to get in the bathtub) but there’s definitely ways to go. I hope that in the future, I’ll develop a taste for it. …See what I did there? 😉

My favourite dish is Shakshuka, an Israeli dish that’s otherwise known as Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce… because that’s essentially what it is. Sounds simple, but tastes delicious!

My favourite foods that I’ve tried abroad were Chapattis and Mandazzis in Kenya. Both oily and doughy and delicious! Chapattis are kind of like naan bread and Mandazzis are similar to squared doughnuts, sometimes made with a citrus zest. Very yummy!
Liebster Award


5.  Tell me a person you would like to spend a day with – would it be a celebrity or somebody you have not seen for a long time?

I think it would definitely be someone that I’ve not seen for a long time. As someone who’s lived in 2 countries and who’s travelled a bit, I’m someone who is fortunate to have made friends all over the world. But because I can’t be everywhere at once and don’t always get to these different corners of the world, that means that sometimes years go by without having seen some of the most important people to me. So if I could spend a day with anyone, I’d definitely spend it with one of those people who I love and have not seen for ages.


6.  Have you been a volunteer and for what cause? If not, why not?

I have been a volunteer before but not necessarily for a specific ’cause’. I volunteered through IVHQ in the slum of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya for a month which was a very rewarding and enriching experience. While there, I spent my mornings assisting in a school for kids with special needs, helping them with their school work and and organising music activities for them. And during my afternoons, I helped in a shop that was owned and ran by a group of women with HIV\AIDS, who were using the money from the shop to raise awareness in their community about HIV & AIDS.

Other than that, I’ve recently been volunteering in a youth centre, as a music mentor for teens who want to perform. I don’t do it so much anymore, but it’s something that I’ve been enjoying immensely.

Other than that, I’ve not really been a long-term volunteer for a specific cause. But I’d like to one day for sure.
Liebster Award


7.  What are three things you always bring along with you while travelling?

I always bring a journal to write in. That’s a must for me, because I love to document my experiences and process them through writing.

I also always bring my camera for the same reason. I love remembering my experience through the photos I took.

I also like to bring with me some mint gum, because I don’t like to be able to smell my own breath while on the road. Just being honest.


8.  Which is your next country on your to-visit list and why?

I’m not sure. I have so many that I would love to visit, that it’s hard to pick just one.

The list includes: Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, USA, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Greece, Ghana, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

I can’t list a reason for every one of these because that would be way too long. But essentially, each one of these countries have intrigued me enough that I want to see them for myself.
Liebster Award


9.  How can we find our inner peace? How do you find yours?

Unfortunately, you’re asking the wrong gal. Inner peace is probably the thing that I aspire to have the most, and throughout my life, find that I have the least. I’m even considering getting a tattoo as a personal and permanent reminder to always find my inner peace, because I’m that bad at cultivating it. And I’m terrified of needles!

I guess ultimately, to accept yourself exactly as you are, flaws and all, on a very deep level, will help with achieving inner peace. Knowing that you are fine exactly as you are and loving yourself for everything that you are. Perhaps self-acceptance and self-love are the keys to achieving inner peace.


10. Share with me 3 favourite photos – could be travels, could be from your hometown, etc.

These are my 3 of my favourite photos:

I spent a couple of months in Melbourne, Australia (a very cool city) and scattered all over, is some top notch street art. Not just in the iconic Hosier Lane. This is my favourite piece of street art that I found in Melbourne.

Liebster Award

This is one of my favourite photos because it captures one of my favourite moments. When I was volunteering in Nairobi, Kenya, I spent a day at an orphanage doing some musical activities with the kids. About 15+ kids crowded around the organ while I was teaching them how to play a melody. It was a really awesome moment and I won’t forget it.

Liebster Award

And this one I like simply because it’s gorgeous. It’s of the Grotto on The Great Ocean Road and I’m obsessed with it!

Liebster Award


11. Imagine you could change the faith of one person or a group of people who is/are struggling at the moment – who would it/they be?

That’s a very difficult question for me to answer because I don’t think you can change the faith of anyone. At least, not unless they let you and allow their faiths to be changed. It’s not something that can be forced. Kind of like the saying: You can lead a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink.

But if I could, if these people would allow for their faiths to be changed, I would change the faiths of people that are being abused and believe that they deserve it. Whether that abuse is from an outside source or even from their inner critic (sometimes the biggest bully), I would change their belief that they deserve the abuse, to a belief that they don’t. There’s nothing sadder to me than to see someone believing that they deserve to be mistreated and abused.

Maybe that’s not answering the question, but it’s the first answer that came to mind.
Liebster Award


My Nominees

And now I get to reveal who I’m passing the Liebster Award torch too!:


My Liebster Award Questions

  1. If you won a million dollars (or whatever currency you use), what would you do with it?
  2. If you could be fluent in any language, which one would you pick? Why?
  3. Your best travel success?
  4. Your worst travel failure?
  5. If you were told that you had to leave the country you live in for good, where would you live?
  6. If you could switch bodies with anyone in the world, who would it be?
  7. If you had the power, who would you bring back to life and why?
  8. What is the most overrated quality in a person?
  9. What is the most underrated quality in a person?
  10. What’s the best and worst thing about where you live?
  11. What’s the biggest lesson that life taught you?

And there we have it! Those were my answers, nominees and questions for the Liebster Award!

What kind of awards have you received for your work? If you haven’t, how important is it to you to receive one? Nominees- have fun answering the questions! 🙂

Be Brave & Be Kind,

Ella x

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  • Reply Svetoslav Dimitrov June 3, 2016 at 22:23

    Ella, thanks for answering my questions. I liked some of them and loved the others!

    What I adore, though, are your even more awesome questions to your nominees!

    Have fun, all, and keep writing! :)))


    • Reply Ella June 4, 2016 at 08:06

      Aww.. thanks Svet!
      You really gave me some awesome questions to answer 🙂
      And I’m glad you liked the questions that I created haha. I tried my best for them to be as awesome as yours 🙂

      • Reply Svetoslav Dimitrov June 4, 2016 at 09:02

        You are welcome, Ella!

        You have done a marvellous job even superseding mine! :))

        Have a great Saturday!

        • Reply Ella June 6, 2016 at 20:19

          Haha I find that hard to believe, but thanks! I did try 🙂

  • Reply Julie @ Millennial Boss June 13, 2016 at 06:23

    That street art is so cool! For some reason it made me think of Sandy from Spongebob mixed with Anime! ha!

    • Reply Ella June 13, 2016 at 14:42

      Haha I never saw it like that but now that you mention it, I can totally see it! 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Julie!

  • Reply Lauren June 17, 2016 at 22:18

    Congratulations on a much deserved award and thank you for sharing the beauty that you find 🙂

    • Reply Ella June 18, 2016 at 13:45

      Awww, thanks Lauren! And thank you for commenting! 🙂

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