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Stories For A Smile: Good Deeds Day 2017 Edition!

Good Deeds Day 2017

Hey everyone! 🙂

How have you all been doing? I hope you’re all doing well.

March has been a very busy, but very awesome month for me.

I attended my first TBEX where I met so many wonderful people and learned so much about travel blogging and the industry. And I also had a great time exploring the city of Jerusalem, which was where this TBEX conference was held.

So expect a lot of different posts about my time in the city and the experiences I had there in the future, because I had a BLAST!

But now we’re in April and that means that as well as April Fool’s Day, Good Deeds Day 2017 happened!

good deeds day 2017

His name is Franco. He wasn’t very friendly to the other dogs, but every so often he would give me a “do you like me?” look and would come for a cuddle.

If somehow you’re not familiar with Good Deeds Day, it is a day where people all over the world commit to doing some Good.

Whether that’s by entertaining kids in homeless shelters, planting some trees in a community lot or even donating your hair for people with cancer – millions of people do something good on this day every year.

This year was the first year when I decided to take part myself.

I spent the day at an animal shelter, taking dogs out for a walk and giving them some much needed love and one-on-one time. Unfortunately, due to the amount of dogs and lack of staff\volunteers, these dogs are often only able to be taken out once a day. Which isn’t at all enough for a dog to stretch it’s legs and get in some healthy exercise.

So that’s what I did for Good Deeds Day 2017.

But like I said, there are millions of people who do something good on this day every year and I believe that their actions and accomplishments should be celebrated.

So that is what we’re going to do for this month’s edition of Stories For A Smile! 🙂


1) Rapper & Basketball Team Donate $1,000,000 To Chicago Public Schools

good deeds day 2017

Englewood, Illinois is an area that struggles a lot financially. As well as the high crime rates, the schools have suffered big budget cuts and as a result, the amount of people that graduate have decreased. Chance, a rapper who grew up in the area, teamed up with the Chicago Bulls to donate $1,000,000 to the Chicago Public Schools. The money will go to supplying textbooks, funding for arts & literature education, creating music programs and to alleviating the struggles that schools have endured from budget cuts. In regards to his charitable act, Chance The Rapper says, “It is my job, just as who I am, to bring light and attention to public school funding, broken formulas and especially how it affects my hometown.” It’s great to see that despite being a successful rapper, he hasn’t forgotten his roots and is consciously using his platform and resources to help a cause that he believes in.

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2) A Local Mobile Library Visits The Elderly To Connect Through Stories In Zimbabwe

good deeds day 2017

*Photo is not of actual mobile library

Sakubva is a dense suburb off the city of Mutare in Zimbabwe. Rebuild Sakubva is an organisation that aims to strengthen its community by empowering youth, women and other marginalised members of the community, as well as educating on climate change and environmental protection. For Good Deeds Day, Rebuild Sakubva decided to use their community’s mobile library to visit the community’s elderly and connect with them through stories. This is especially touching because the elderly tend to be forgotten members of the community. Volunteers from different generations came to read books, share stories and also helped with housework and general caregiving. It’s heartwarming that the elderly aren’t being forgotten here and that their stories are being listened to.

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3) 120 Nevada Students & Leaders Pack Meals For People Who Are Homebound

good deeds day 2017

Source: Jewish Nevada (Photo is of the same project, but done in 2016)

There are many people in the world who don’t have food to eat or are homebound for various reasons and have little to no connection with the outside world. 120 students & community leaders from the Jewish Nevada community decided to spend their Good Deeds Day by packaging food & donating blood for those who are in need. As well as that, since it’s close to Passover, they spent their day assembling baskets of food to families for this holiday. Passover is equivalent to Christmas in that it’s a huge (and expensive) feast. So for the families who struggle to make ends meet, receiving a basket of food for this holiday is very appreciated. Arielle Ventura, Jewish Nevada’s director of women’s philanthropy & marketing, says of this day, “It feels amazing. All the community comes together to give back on this day.” Working to make sure that other families can enjoy a special day is a beautiful thing to do, in my opinion.     

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4) Locals Organise Adoption Fair So That Homeless Pets Can Find Families

good deeds day 2017

As someone who loves animals and has always grown up with them in the home, I loved learning about this one. The local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Brazoria Country in Texas, decided to organise an adoption fair for homeless pets to find permanent homes. Adoptions usually come with a fee to cover the costs of neutering, vaccinations & identifying chips. But for Good Deed’s Day, each adoption was free. Not only was there the fair that was intended to show potential adopters the animals that are looking for homes, a donation drive was also held for the pets that had yet to be adopted. 100 volunteers came together to collect much-needed supplies for the animals. I can’t help but love a positive story of people helping animals.     

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5) Moldova Organises Multiple Worthy Projects With Over 1000 Volunteers For Good Deeds Day

good deeds day 2017

Source: RVC

Last, but definitely not least, is the country of Moldova. I decided to save this one for last because this one is a little different and I’d love for this to be remembered. There is not one note-worthy Good Deeds Day project that was conducted in Moldova but many, and the country as a whole made great efforts. Over 1000 volunteers took part in 50 projects with the Republic Volunteer Centre, ranging from cleaning parks, visiting hospitals & painting playgrounds. What I liked about how they did Good Deeds Day, was that they really made Doing Good into a whole celebration. After a full day of different projects happening at once, they ended the day with many Moldovan pop stars performing at a free open air festival for the volunteers. I think it’s great to end a day of volunteering with a big celebration. It’s a celebration that’s well-deserved.  

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So there we have it!

That sums up our Stories For A Smile: Good Deeds Day 2017 Edition 🙂

Before you click off this post, I really want to share with you this next video.

I was shown this at the TBEX conference this month and if there is ever a message that I wholeheartedly stand by, it’s this one.

Enjoy and take out some tissues just in case.

What are some stories that have made you smile this month? Have you done some good for Good Deeds Day 2017 or at all? Please share with us in the comments below!

Be Brave & Be Kind,

Ella x

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