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Hello there! ūüôā

Welcome to Wide-Eyed Wanderer!

You may have stumbled upon this website and are trying to figure out what it is, so I’ll tell you!

Wide-Eyed Wanderer is a newly-created travel blog where I share my experiences, stories and musings as a world-obsessed wanderer. My goal is to learn about the world through my travels and share my lessons with fellow global students, while connecting with like-minded individuals and demonstrating that we are capable of connecting regardless of where we come from, our ages, races, genders, religions, and anything else that supposedly separates us from each other.

But I also would love for¬†Wide-Eyed Wanderer to be an online community where anyone can share their world\travel-related stories, insights, musings and experiences, with topics that run from funny anecdotes from the road, to soul-stirring and life-changing travel experiences. I welcome¬†you¬†to submit a contribution to the conversation and engage fellow global students with what you¬†learned from your¬†travels. I’m interested in hearing from you and learning from you!


Why I Created Wide-Eyed Wanderer

Growing up bi-cultural, I learned¬†at a young age that there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ culture and that there are many different cultures that exist in the world. I was always curious about how other people in the world lived, what they considered to be ‘normal’ and what the differences between my cultures and theirs’¬†were. I’ve always wanted to learn, understand and try to experience¬†as much of the world of possible.

At the age of 21, I embarked on my first solo adventure and fulfilled my adolescent dream of volunteering abroad. I volunteered in Kenya for a month¬†by teaching¬†in a special needs school and assisting with a women’s empowerment group for women with HIV\AIDS. On that 1 month trip, I learned more about the world and people than I ever did in a classroom, and I’ve been craving more ever since.

When I came home, despite being an introvert and a self-proclaimed technophobe, I felt the very strong (and admittedly confusing) urge to start a travel blog and share my experiences and musings. To share what I’ve learned and connect with like-minded individuals. As a result, Wide-Eyed Wanderer was born and has been growing ever since.

As for me… my name is Ella, I’m 23¬†years old and as well as a travel enthusiast, I’m also a¬†music fanatic, a deep thinker, a nature lover, a theatre geek, a health freak and overall, a wide-eyed wanderer.


wide-eyed wanderer


Welcome to Wide-Eyed Wanderer.

I hope you’ll stick around ūüôā