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5 Great Travel Movies To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

5 great travel movies to satisfy your wanderlust

I absolutely love travel.

Okay, I’m pointing out the obvious here. I mean, I run a travel blog for crying out loud, of course I love travel!

I love travel so much that even when I don’t have any actual plans on the horizon, I create fictitious ones in my mind and plan ideal itineraries for my imagination to enjoy.

Now, you might be asking, “Ella, if you’re fantasising so much about travel, why don’t you just turn one of your dream trips into a reality?”.

Well, my fellow wanderers, I do… when I’m able to.

See, it’s not always practical or helpful to go off gallivanting when you’re trying to achieve a different dream that requires you to stay close to home. And honestly, If I’m gone for too long, I start missing my friends, family and familiarity terribly. Not to mention that I personally do need a sense of stability and security in my regular life.

Even though I love it, I can’t travel all the time so I stay put and find other ways to satisfy my wanderlust.

And what’s my favourite way of satisfying my wanderlust, other than the magic of my own vivid imagination…

Travel movies!

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Stories For A Smile

Stories For A Smile: August 2016

stories for a smile

Happy August everybody!! 🙂

How are you hunnies doing? I hope that are enjoying your summer and are getting to experience some fun in the sun. Those of you who are in the northern hemisphere, of course.

And that those of you that are in the southern hemisphere are enjoying your winter and aren’t wishing it were summer too much. Although, winter can be a lot of fun too! Watching a good movie, at home in your pjs with a hot cup of cocoa is pretty much my idea of heaven. I love bundling up and getting snuggly.

I, myself, have just returned from a much needed, relaxing getaway which I will definitely write posts about… but not now.

Now is my first instalment of “Stories For A Smile” and I’m completely thrilled to be sharing my first round up of positive news and media with you.

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Musings, Stories For A Smile

Introducing: “Stories For A Smile” Series!

stories for a smile

The news, whether we like it or not, has a massive impact on us and on our lives. It affects how we view the world, how we view ourselves as a species and what kind of decisions we make through the course of our lives. It’s uncertain to me what “NEWS” actually stands for, but sometimes it feels like it should stand for “Never Ending Woeful Stories” because of the sheer amount of distressing negativity that can be found in our papers and on our screens.

Just over these past couple of months, there have been a staggering amount of horrible events that have occurred.

  • The Stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious girl (and only received a jail sentence of 6 months)
  • The Orlando nightclub shooting where over 100 LGBTQ+ people were killed\injured.
  • The police shooting of African-American man, Philander Castile (and many more African-American people), who posed no threat to others.
  • The shootings and suicide bombings at AtatĂĽrk airport where nearly 300 people were killed\injured.
  • The terrorist attack in Nice, France where nearly 400 people were killed\injured.

That’s enough for anyone to want to hide in a cave and that’s not even half of what’s happened recently!

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An Itinerary For 4 Days In Paris

4 days in Paris

“Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn.

Never has truer words been spoken about Paris than those by cinema’s late and great darling.

If there is a city that I would never mind visiting no matter the season, length or reason… it’s Paris.

It’s a city with an old artistic soul, perfect for an introspective and creative introvert like myself.

But even if you happen to identify as an extrovert who has no particular desire to ‘ponder’ or be creative, I will still recommend you, as I do everyone, to visit Paris at least once in their lifetime.

Paris is a city that is in itself, an experience.

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News from the Globe

Britain Leaving the EU…

Britain Leaving the EU

The question of whether Britain would decide to leave the EU or not, has been one that’s dominated the media in the past few weeks.

It’s been nearly nine years since I’ve lived in the UK and as a result, I’m not always privy to what goes on in those borders. But with the future of the UK, the EU and quite frankly, Europe and the rest of the world up in the air, I kept my eyes on the pending results like a hawk.

And like many other Brits and Europeans, the results have caused a lot of disappointment, sadness and fear.

I’m most definitely not an expert on this topic (consider that an official disclaimer) and I very much resist getting political on this blog for a vast number of reasons. But I’d like to just vent for a moment if that’s okay. You’re totally welcome to skip this post if you’re not interested.

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Israel, Photo Essays

Photo Essay: Tel Aviv’s LGBT Pride Parade

Tel Aviv's LGBT Pride Parade

Happy Pride Month everybody!!

It is the month of June again and all over world, members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies are celebrating.

Last June, I came out on this blog and on my social media, after being inspired by the legalisation of same-sex marriages throughout the whole of USA. Something that was all over the news, this time last year.

But this June, I’ve done something even more exciting that I’ve wanted to do for many years… I went to the LGBT Pride Parade for the very first time!

Specifically, Tel Aviv‘s LGBT Pride Parade.

For those of you who have never been… Tel Aviv is a vibrant, metropolitan city in the centre of Israel, and is considered to be the Gay Capital of the Middle East. Over 100,000 people come to celebrate (over 200,000 people arrived this year),  with over 20,000 tourists coming to Israel specifically for this event, making Tel Aviv’s LGBT Pride Parade the biggest in all of the Middle East & Asia!

Tel Aviv is so LGBTQ+ friendly, that it was actually named the best gay travel destination of 2011, in the world.

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Blogging, Fun Stuff

I Received a Liebster Award!


So, recently I got nominated by my friend and blogger Svet Dimitrov for the Liebster Award. My first award of any kind for this blog which is really exciting.

But what is the Liebster Award, you ask?

Well, it’s an internet award that’s given to bloggers by other bloggers, as a sign of recognition for the awesome work that they’ve put into their blog.

But what’s really cool about it, is that every blogger that receives this award pays it forward and gives it to another blogger, along with 11 questions that the blogger has to answer. After answering the 11 questions that you’ve received, of course.

And so, now that I’ve been nominated, I’m going to answer the awesome questions that Svet asked me, before passing the torch to the next bloggers and giving them their questions. And lucky for me, I’ve been given some mega awesome questions to answer.

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