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Stories For A Smile: The End of 2016 Edition

End of 2016

Hello, lovely hunnies ūüôā

Wow… where¬†do I even begin.

Rather then doing a typical edition of Stories For A Smile this month, I decided that since it’s December, I’d do an “End of 2016” edition where I wrap up this year and spread some much needed positivity.

But first, let’s engage in some real talk. You know, without denying our actual feelings.

So… 2016 was a mess, wasn’t it? I would have asked whether you have all recuperated from the shocking news of Trump’s presidency last month but honestly, you probably haven’t. I mean, I know that I haven’t. Heck, I’m still upset about Brexit and that was many months a go now!

I don’t know exactly where you guys are from in the world or which way you voted in the recent elections (or would have voted in the recent elections), but for those who are upset by the results of the election – I’m with you during this difficult time.

Moreover, I am you during this difficult time.

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Photo Essay: Yoga Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia, Spain

There are experiences in life that long after you have them, you smile fondly as the memory resurfaces in your mind and think¬†to yourself, Hmm, I’m glad I did that.

There are also experiences in life that soon after you have them, you’re left with an ecstatic high.¬†The experience was exhilarating and you¬†promise to¬†yourself to recreate that epic feeling¬†sometime in the future.

And then there are those experiences that are so beyond anything you could have wished for yourself and that are so extremely, wholly and intricately meaningful to you, that you have no idea where to even start talking about them because you’re still processing the idea that you were fortunate enough¬†to have that experience in the first place.

That was the kind of experience that I had in Andalusia, Spain.

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Strangers Aren’t Always Dangers (A Travel Story)

strangers aren't always dangers travel story

I roamed the infamous streets of inner-city Paris, my feet obeying my curious heart as its impulsive desires navigated each twist and turn. As a 20 year old who had never before left the proverbial nest, I basked in the joys of my newfound freedom. I had nowhere to be, nothing to do and no one’s happiness to attend to apart from my own.

I wandered the city, wide-eyed and alone, with an enthusiastic curiosity that eventually led me to the Avenue de L’Opera in Paris’s 1st arrondissement. A structure far-off in the distance immediately struck my attention. While I couldn’t make out which famed Parisian building it was, there was no escaping the allure of its majestic beauty. An allure so strong I felt compelled to stroll the length of the avenue, closing the gap between myself and what I would come to find out was the Opera Palais Garner.

Yet when I stood before its entrance, it was no longer the Opera House that held my interest Рit was the people, a group I hadn’t noticed until that moment. Some were outfitted in fancy clothes, their faces coated over with make-up, while others rushed around configuring a jumbled mix of cameras, lighting equipment and audio gear.

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“The Trip That Changed My Life” Charity Book Updates!

the trip that changed my life

Hunnies! As I promised in my November 2016 edition of Stories For A Smile, I have an awesome update that I’m so excited I¬†get to share with you!

Do you remember a few months ago how I revealed an incredible book project that I was a part of? A book filled with 50+ stories from travellers about the trip that changed their lives and how the proceeds of that book were going to charity?

And do you remember how there was an awesome IndieGoGo campaign, that I and my fellow storytellers promoted like crazy on social media, to raise the money? A campaign that was only running for a limited amount of time and meant that it would have been impossible to make a donation\purchase a copy of the book after the campaign was over?

…No? Well, don’t worry because we’ll get into all of that in a moment. And you can also check out this post¬†if you want, from when the campaign¬†was freshly launched and where I go into full detail about it and the project.

But if you’re all caught up about the project and are dying to know what the update is already, I’ll just tell you…

The books are BACK!

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Stories For A Smile: November 2016

stories for a smile

Hello my lovely hunnies and fellow wanderers!

It has been a whole month since I’ve last published a post on this blog. A whole month!

I definitely didn’t mean for that to happen. I love writing and sharing with you guys my travel (and sometimes life) experiences and musings. But it did and although I know that it’s not a crime to go a month without blogging, I still wanted to address it. I love blogging and I’ve really missed it this past month.

October was still an amazing month for me though. I spent my time with family & friends, trying new things and…. going on a yoga retreat in a Spain!¬†This was definitely the¬†highlight of my month.

Despite being a bit anxious before my trip since my last experience abroad was my misadventure in Australia…¬†I had a fantastic time!

I can’t even begin to describe what an incredible experience it was. I’m so excited to begin writing about my time there and to relive the experiences as I do. It truly was a very positively, significant trip.

But all that (as well as an awesome update!) will be coming later.

Now it’s time for another round of Stories For A Smile! And I have some great stories that I’m very excited to share ūüôā

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Stories For A Smile: October 2016

Stories For A Smile

Hi, lovely hunnies and fellow wanderers!

October has arrived and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s getting cooler and cooler. I’m personally quite happy about that because in my corner of the world, the summer¬†gets intense!

The month of September ended up being very relaxing for me though and it looks like October will be more of the same, which I’m very happy about.

I also have very exciting things happening this month which I’m looking forward¬†to sharing with you soon… but not today.

Today, I’m sharing with you my next instalment of Stories For A Smile!

This collection of stories have genuinely excited, relieved and moved me and has reminded me that not only is there positive progress being made in this world, but that there is still a lot of beauty and goodness here, even though it’s easy to¬†believe that there isn’t any left.

Hopefully, we’ll all remember that when we start to feel like the world is on a never-ending journey south.

And if not, that’s why I created the Stories For A Smile series! ūüėČ

So, without further adieu, let’s begin with the Stories For A Smile, October 2016 edition.

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What To Do If You’re Visiting Eilat, Israel


If you’re anything like me, you often daydream of far¬†away places where you can either embark on an exciting adventure, immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture, or escape from the daily grind for a quick getaway with friends, a partner or even by yourself.

And if you’re also like me, you’ll know that it’s not always possible to take off on a multi-month trek across SE Asia, if you’re working 9-5 or saving up your dosh for something big like university. …*cough cough*.

But even if real life’ requires you to stay close to home¬†or hold on to your savings, it’s still¬†possible to get your travel fix by going on a quick¬†getaway.

For me, that opportunity came when my family decided to go on a short vacation to Eilat.

A small city at the most southern point of Israel, Eilat is a popular destination among locals and tourists alike and has been a family favourite of ours for many years.

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