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Photo Essay: Tel Aviv’s LGBT Pride Parade

Tel Aviv's LGBT Pride Parade

Happy Pride Month everybody!!

It is the month of June again and all over world, members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies are celebrating.

Last June, I came out on this blog and on my social media, after being inspired by the legalisation of same-sex marriages throughout the whole of USA. Something that was all over the news, this time last year.

But this June, I’ve done something even more exciting that I’ve wanted to do for many years… I went to the LGBT Pride Parade for the very first time!

Specifically, Tel Aviv‘s LGBT Pride Parade.

For those of you who have never been… Tel Aviv is a vibrant, metropolitan city in the centre of Israel, and is considered to be the Gay Capital of the Middle East. Over 100,000 people come to celebrate (over 200,000 people arrived this year),  with over 20,000 tourists coming to Israel specifically for this event, making Tel Aviv’s LGBT Pride Parade the biggest in all of the Middle East & Asia!

Tel Aviv is so LGBTQ+ friendly, that it was actually named the best gay travel destination of 2011, in the world.

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I Received a Liebster Award!


So, recently I got nominated by my friend and blogger Svet Dimitrov for the Liebster Award. My first award of any kind for this blog which is really exciting.

But what is the Liebster Award, you ask?

Well, it’s an internet award that’s given to bloggers by other bloggers, as a sign of recognition for the awesome work that they’ve put into their blog.

But what’s really cool about it, is that every blogger that receives this award pays it forward and gives it to another blogger, along with 11 questions that the blogger has to answer. After answering the 11 questions that you’ve received, of course.

And so, now that I’ve been nominated, I’m going to answer the awesome questions that Svet asked me, before passing the torch to the next bloggers and giving them their questions. And lucky for me, I’ve been given some mega awesome questions to answer.

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How To Get Over The Mid-Travel Blues

How To Get Over The Mid-Travel Blues

So… if you’ve been reading through some of my recent posts on this blog, you’ll probably be familiar with how I didn’t have the best time during my recent adventure in Australia.

I’ve talked about the troubles I was having at the beginning here, about why I eventually decided to go home here and what the whole experience taught me about myself and about travel here.

It’s a bit embarrassing because as you can see, I’ve talked about it a lot.

But what I haven’t talked about is why the Mid-Travel Blues particularly suck and more importantly, what can be done about it.

Because while I know that my specific experience of the Mid-Travel Blues in Australia was also a result of my poor mental health, it made me realise that the mid-travel blues can affect anyone for a multitude of reasons.

So let’s tackle the what’s, why’s and how’s of this beast, so that more of us can have happier travel experiences.

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“The Trip That Changed My Life” A Travel Book For Charity!

The Trip That Changed My Life

Yes!! Finally I get to talk about something extremely exciting and something that I’ve been working on behind the scenes, for quite a while now. An awesome project that I’m immensely proud to be a part of!

What is that project?

A book filled with real stories from travellers around the world, about a travel experience that changed our lives for the better!

The awesome and humorous travel blogger, Hung Thai, behind the equally awesome and humorous travel blog Up, Up & A Bear, came up with an amazing idea for an innovative, travel-related project. And I am one of the 50+ travel bloggers who are fortunate enough to be a part of this project by contributing a story of a travel-related experience that changed my life for the better.

And the best part about it is that… the proceeds will be going to charity!!

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The Importance of Having a Healthy Relationship With Travel

The Importance Of Having a Healthy Relationship With Travel

I’m now entering my fourth month of being back home since my epic fail adventure in Australia.

Originally, the move to Australia was just that… a move. As in, I had the intention of making that beautiful country my home, even if just for a limited amount of time. It was my plan to make Australia my ‘home’ for 1-2 years and experience life in an unfamiliar part of the world again. I envisioned having a base in a different city for a few months at a time and really build a routine that would occasionally be broken by an epic adventure. Real life routines combined with spontaneous travel experiences.

But after a lot of struggles from not finding a job to having some serious and debilitating mental health issues, it became clear within a few months that my plan wasn’t coming into fruition and that it was necessary for me to return home.

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What To Do On The Great Ocean Road

What To Do On The Great Ocean

Looking back at my time in Australia, if there was one single travel experience from my trip that stood out to me more than the others, it was doing the Great Ocean Road trip.

I had never done a road trip before and I didn’t know what to expect. In fact, as I had mentioned in a previous post, I was very nervous because I was going with a group of people that I hadn’t met yet. Two of the three people I didn’t even know the names of.

But the four of us ended up gelling so well together and we had such a blast on that road trip, that every time I remember the experience, a smile always emerges on my face and I remember that sometimes it pays off to take chances.

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The TMI Travel Tag!

The TMI Travel Tag

(Hey 🙂 Just a quick update to say that I joined Bloglovin’, a really cool social media platform to keep up with all your favourite blogs. Don’t forget to Follow my blog with Bloglovin <3 x)


Travel, in some form and measure, is always on my mind.

When I’m not travelling or planning my next travel adventure, I’m either dreaming about it or talking about it.

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